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Programs in Israel

MH Internship Program

Have you wanted to live and work in Israel? Not as a tourist. As if you were an Israeli citizen. Sign up for our internship program.

We design your personal program according to your interests. You provide us your interests, and then, we place you in an organization aligned with your passions. There, you will work for 25-40 hours a week. You will form valuable connections with others through your work, through the streets, and, through the land. We insure both your satisfaction with the program and the program’s influence on you with tireless service. We register you for Hebrew classes, we integrate you within a social ecosystem.

Our program is unique:

We first ask that you send us your resume along with a completed short questionnaire. We will contact you by phone to learn more about what you’re looking for. Once we review your information, you will need to complete the Internship Application and submit a $250.00 US application fee.
Magshimey Herut is different from other organizations, as we do not accept application money until we review your material.


  • Proven academic or work experience in the field you intern
  • Jewish/Eligible for Law of Return Application Process

Step 1

Submit your resume to: office@worldmh.org.il

Step 2

Fill out the internship questionnaire and submit it to: office@worldmh.org.il


Step 3

Initial screening with Magshimey Herut

Step 4

Interview with prominent organizations

Step 5

Pay the application fee

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have regarding the program.

Our Interns

Leigh Libling (Duke University, USA)
My name is Leigh Libling and Magshimey Herut helped me make my first summer as a college student a very meaningful and eventful one. I interned for a Middle East Studies Professor in IDC Herzliya where I helped him write a chapter in his upcoming textbook. Working as a research assistant helped me sharpen my writing abilities and learn many interesting facts about the subject matter. I was also in charge of different tasks such as translation and further research work for the professor’s other endeavors. Not only did I spend my summer in Israel but I was able to work as an intern in a field that best suited my interests.

Andrew Horowitz (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Trying to find an internship on my own was proving near impossible. I looked into programs online, but they all seemed so generic, not to mention the expensive enrollment fees. From the first phone call, I could tell that Magshimey Herut was different. What set them apart was the personal service I received. Through the entire internship process I felt supported. I knew that I had a place I could turn to for help with any issue, not only problems related to my internship. For the actual internship, I told MH about my interests and they found me multiple opportunities. I interviewed for one internship, but wasn’t happy with the work I was to be doing. I called MH and they told me it was no problem, and that they would be happy to find another internship better suited for me. Within a week I had an internship at an innovative consulting firm, specializing in sustainability and green technology. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship, and what’s more, it was in the exact field in which I was interested. Thank you MH!

Lisa S. (Sydney, Australia, 2009)
I was put in contact with World Magshimey Herut by a referral from the Jewish Agency. I was most impressed with World Magshimey Herut’s genuine desire to help Olim find work in Israel. The team at World Magshimey Herut sent my resume out to law firms and I received more than I expected – I was accepted to work at a top 10 legal firm based in Ramat Gan. Not only that, but in my interview, the Partner told me that he took note of my resume especially because of the cover letter from World Magshimey Herut, which expressed their desire to help Olim. Finding work in Israel is a difficult and very important task for Olim, and I want to thank the team at World Magshimey Herut for all of their help!

Dorit S. Jacobson – ( USA Entry to Israel June 8 2009)
After arriving in Israel in June I was very lost and was unsure where I could start. Since I did not make Aliyah and I am just here trying things out it there are only certain organizations that can help. First I went to one internship organization and before they would help me they needed me to pay the registration fee and they needed to look over my CV. They told me that I had to wait another 6 months. I asked them what I should do for six months in Israel while I waited for their program to begin. They didn’t have a response. That is when I was given the information for World Magshimey Herut. I was contacted within 24 hours of sending an email. By the end of our first meeting I had an internship set up. I really felt that they took the time to get a feel for exactly what I wanted. I have now started my internship and I am enjoying it tremendously. For WorldMH every person that walks through her office is worthwhile.Thank you so much Magshimey Herut and Karma.

In Maslul Ishi [which in Hebrew means «personal track»] each participant chooses his or her own program according to their field of interest. Participants choose where to live and what they wish to do. The possibilities include volunteering in a range of organizations, professional internships, working on a kibbutz, university studies, and the Marva army program.

Core contents of the program: Academic studies, religious studies, travel, volunteering, professional internships, an introduction to Israeli society and life in Israel.

What does the program include? Accommodation and meals, medical insurance, Hebrew Ulpan (language studies), social support, all in line with the participant’s choice of activity.

Starting date: Various, as each participant chooses

Ending date: Various, as each participant chooses

Duration: 5 months / 7 months / 10 months

Ages: 18-26

Open to participants from: All countries

We are very excited about the launch of our new project, “Pathway (shvil) to Aliyah”, where potential Olim try Israel on for size, without having to make a commitment .

Very often young adults need to “try on” Israel before deciding to make Aliyah . World Magshimey Herut has a tailor made program just for these people. We offer volunteer internships in the field of their choice. Program participants observe the way the Israeli job market functions thus enabling them to better prepare for the future.

Upon their return from Israel, they become part of an Aliyah Group , Garin Aliyah. In which, our experienced staff will hold activities preparing them for Aliyah and give hands on support and information regarding the Aliyah process and much much more!

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