Programs in Israel

Perhaps the most effective way to demonstrate that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people is to physically bring Jews there to see for themselves. “Being there” is the strongest argument of all, outweighing any rational discourse, because it touches the soul. In the end, the bond between the Jewish people and the land of Israel must be experienced. The positive results of trips to Israel -”Birthright”, programs like “Internship in Israel” and “MASA” – are a good example and bring home the fact that:

No matter how many others dwell there.
No matter where Jews dwell.
All Jews are responsible for Israel’s well-being
All Jews share a portion in it.
Whether they care or not…

Magshimey Herut wants all Jews to feel that they are part of Israel,that Israel is part of them,
to feel at home in Israel
to feel that Israel is their home…

We invite Jews from the four corners of the world to join Magshimey Herut and discover their Israel.