World Headquarters

The World Magshimey Herut office is located in Ramat Gan, Israel

(972) 3 5621525

We pride ourselves that all of our positions are volunteer

  • Karma Feinstein-Cohen – Executive Director Email Me
    • Dalia Pikovsky – World Board Chairperson Email Me
    • Shelly Yair – Director of Logistics and Campus Activism Email Me
    • Sarah Groner – Director of Public Relations and Project Development Email Me
    • Elissa Zimmerman – Director of The Programs and Aliya Department Email Me
    • Daniel Wassersztein – Director of the Spanish Speaker’s Division
    • Jenya Khaet – Director of the Russian Speaker’s Division
    • Miki Gador – Director of the European Division
    • Yochai Peretz (יוחאי פרץ) – Webmaster

יוחאי פרץ