MH North America

MH North America is open for all who are influenced by, and continually want to support Zionism. Our goal is to reach out to Jewish communities across North America and bring the purist form of Zionism to them, strengthening the bond between Jews and the land of Israel. By working with communities, campuses, high schools, etc., we strive to create Zionist leaders to better represent Israel and combat anti-Israel rhetoric raging in North America today.With that idea in mind, MH Israel Campus Initiative was born. The Israel Campus Initiative (ICI) is designed to educate and promote Israel professional internship opportunities for Jewish young adults. ICI is comprised of a number of students around universities and colleges across North America who feel strongly about the World MH movement. Our ICI representatives focus on finding ambitious students who are looking for specified internships to help them further their career in their field of interest and strive to bridge these interests and career prospects together with a tailor-made, fulfilling experience living in Israel. These internships are not only for those who have never been to Israel, but also a great way for students who have previously visited Israel on an organized trip to come experience what it is like to live in Israel and be immersed in the culture.

For more information about internship opportunities, please click here.

Interested in becoming a part of Israel Campus Initiative for your campus?

The Israel Campus Initiative could not be what it is today without the help of all our students across the nation’s top universities. We are looking for creative and outgoing people to be ICI reps! By marketing across your campus and community, using social networking tools, networking with other Jewish/Israel groups, you can make this project yours. Use your unique personality and skills to find innovative ways promote World MH and our professional internships in Israel.

For more information on how to become an ICI rep, please email Shelly–