MH Europe

World Magshimey Herut works as a young adult movement, with numerous branches throughout Europe. Magshimey Herut Europe held fantastic opening seminars that took place in the movement’s European branches recently. The Grand Opening was celebrated with an outstanding theme: Superheroes. The superhero theme was connected to the activities run by the movement in our European branches. The clubs were decorated entirely with comic book covers, giant superhero logos, flying figures, and plenty of other interesting material, including a five-meter-long bat mobile.

The activists had a chance to experience Superman’s phone booth, Batman’s secret corner with the giant bat mobile and his armor, Spiderman’s web, and plenty of other enormous superhero cartoon frames. We invited all of our veteran activists, as well as our new recruits, to a three-day Seminar in which we held a grand opening event.

After offering a delicious brunch, we screened the movie they had created for the event entitled “Superheroes.” The movie was about a Jewish community, in which no one dances Israeli folk dance or does anything culturally related to Israel. There are no madrichim (leaders), no Zionist oriented young leaders, no one celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) and no one commemorates Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for soldiers) or any other important Jewish event. Key figures from the Jewish community hold a serious meeting regarding the future of the community and decide that they should turn to the superheroes for help.

A plan is formulated, and the leaders are each assigned to a different superhero. These efforts turn out to be wasted when one after another, the heroes refuse to help. The only team that accepts the challenge and agrees to work for the Jewish community is of course Magshimey Herut.

With the help of this opening, the World Magshimey Herut staff was able to both get the attention of our new recruits, in a fun and creative way, as well as acquaint them with the many wonderful aspects of our movements’ work. The activists were then taken to their individual groups where they discussed this year’s coming activities, hadracha (leadership), and leadership training.

The seminars were a great success, and we hope our movement keeps progressing and coming up with new innovative methods of combining pleasure with educational ideological quality

Eli B, MH Europe