Special Educational Projects

Adopt An Oleh

Adopt an Oleh is a new Program initiated by World Magshimey Herut. World MH is dedicated to supporting Jews from all over the world who have decided to make Israel their home.  Our goal is to provide financial support for Olim who are economically challenged and are in the process of establishing themselves professionally. A successful Aliyah story depends on many things, but one cannot ignore the importance of the Oleh’s ability to acquire a higher education in the field of his or her interest.  With this critical support it makes it possible for students to concentrate on their studies. It is our goal to see Olim succeed and become active members of Israeli society.

Who are our Olim?

Evgeny Khaet (Jenya) was born on the 1st of April 1984, in the city of Minsk, Belarus, USSR.  With the fall of the iron wall in 1989 the practice of Judaism became legal.  Jenya’s family was finally able to openly practice Judaism.  In 1993 when the first Jewish primary school opened in Minsk his father immediately registered him to the school. He was then in the 3rd grade. Jenya studied there until 2002 when he finished high school.  Jenya’s Zionist activism began in 1996 when he joined the Jewish Agency, Jewish club. There he participated in his first Jewish camp as a camper. In addition he was active in the Israel Center (NATIV), and attended Synagogue weekly.

In May 2003, in Kiev Ukraine, Jenya participated in his first World Magshimey Herut seminar. This seminar changed his life. He was so inspired by the seminar that upon his return to Belarus he established a branch of World MH in Minsk.  Within a few months he was appointed the head coordinator of World MH of Belarus. At the time World MH was active in the cities of Minsk and Gomel.  In 2004, Jenya became the coordinator of all World MH activities in Russian speaking countries.  In Sept 1st 2005, after having established a thriving movement in Belarus and Ukraine, he made Aliyah.

Upon making Aliyah Jenya immediately joined World MH headquarters in Israel. As a welcomed addition he has been volunteering his service as the Director of the Russian Speakers Division.  Since then he has coordinated and assisted in the Aliyah of over 50 Russian immigrants. In December of 2006 Jenya was drafted to the IDF and completed his full term of service.  Throughout his service Jenya continued to volunteer for World MH and since his release has expanded the Russian Speakers division and established additional movement branches in Russia.  Jenya’s being a committed Zionist has always felt a burning desire to become an “informal” educator and market Israel in a proud and patriotic way.

His dream is to cultivate the knowledge of Russian speakers (from Israel and abroad) by educating them in the State of Israel. He would like to become an educator and market Israel in a proud and patriotic way.

Jenya aspires to enroll in the school for tourism and become a certified tour guide. This would enable him to help people “see” Israel via an educational experience (through their feet) to better understand the Zionist point of view.  Although, classical classroom methods of education can be acquired in Universities, Jenya being a leader of a youth movement believes that physically experiencing and feeling Israel is a far more effective method.

Unfortunately, the state of Israel does not financially support higher education towards a certificate and not a degree.  Jenya cannot afford to enroll in such a program.  He now works as a guard for minimum wage.  He cannot afford to live on this salary let alone pay for this course.

If you would like to adopt this Oleh please contact office@worldmh.orl.il.  Also you can visit our website at www.worldmh.org.il.