From the Desk of the Executive Director

For Better or Worse,
Simple or difficult,
Cheap or dear,
This is my Land

(Ze”ev Jabotinsky)

My name is Karma Feinstein Cohen and I am the founder and Executive Director of World Magshimey Herut, a modern Zionist movement committed to traditional ideals and goals.

It is no secret that today Zionism is on the defensive, particularly on the college campuses and it is imperative that we present Zionism in an up-to-date, attractive manner that will appeal to both affiliated and unaffiliated Jews.

Support for Zionism and Israel is not the exclusive property either of the political right or left.  Since the goal of all Zionist young adult movements is to win adherents, we can all benefit from an examination of our modus operandi.  World Magshimey Herut’s methods have been very successful in promoting our cause among college students and young adults of all political persuasions.

These are some successful guidelines toward convincing young adults of the justice of the Zionist cause.
Clear messages resonate well with young adults.  Avoiding the word “Zionism” or adopting an apologetic approach has only done damage and confused the issue. Organizations that are openly Zionist have been extremely successful while those who avoid the issue are not.

Two seemingly contradictory approaches promote Zionism.   The first approach is “rational.”

We present Zionism in terms that are consistent with concepts that are current among college activists. By explaining Zionism as the Jewish national liberation movement that has succeeded in restructuring the Jewish people within the boundaries of their historical national homeland, we demonstrate that Zionism is a national movement comparable to legitimate national movements throughout the world.

The second approach is “experiential.”   Perhaps the most effective way to demonstrate that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people is to physically bring Jews there to see for themselves. “Being there” is the strongest argument of all, outweighing any rational discourse, because it touches the soul.  In the end, the bond between the Jewish people and the land of Israel must be experienced. The positive results of trips to Israel -Birthright, programs like MASA – are a good example and bring home the fact that:

No matter how many others dwell there.
No matter where Jews dwell.
All Jews are responsible for Israel’s well-being
All Jews share a portion in it.
Whether they care or not…

Magshimey Herut wants all Jews to feel that they are part of Israel,that Israel is part of them,
to feel at home in Israel
to feel that Israel is their home…

We invite Jews from the four corners of the world to join Magshimey Herut and discover their Israel.