About Us

We do everything from Z to A

World Magshimey Herut is a worldwide movement which has established independent non-profit organizations in various countries throughout the world.  Each separate organization provides educational services for the participants located in their respective host countries.  To date, non-profit organizations have been incorporated in the United States, Israel and Hungary.

World Magshimey Herut initiates, promotes and supports the activities of student, oleh and social action groups which are consistent with the Movement’s objectives. Projects that World Magshimey Herut undertakes vary from place to place, depending upon the commitments and interests of individual groups, as well as the specific situations of the communities in each location.

World Magshimey Herut works in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Jewish National Fund on projects that advance our common goals.

Donations can be made to the various non-profits which have been established by clicking on the World Branches tab and then clicking on the appropriate branch where you would like to make the donation.  Donations made to a particular branch are used exclusively for the benefit of the host countries participants.